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Second Form Latin

This course, for students in middle and high school, uses the Second Form Latin program from Memoria  Press. The program features short lessons focused on grammar.

According to Memoria’s description of the Forms program, students who take Second Form after having taken First Form will know:

  • “Six indicative active and three indicative passive tenses of all four verb conjugations
  • Five noun declensions, including -er/-ir nouns and i-stem nouns
  • Adjectives in three declensions
  • Personal pronouns
  • Prepositions
  • 365 vocabulary words (185 in First Form, and another 180 new words in Second Form)”

The goal of the course is student mastery of basic Latin grammar and confidence in using it. The course is supplemented with study of the history, culture, geography, and government of ancient Rome and their influence on the United States.

* Scriptorium plans to add the remaining Forms from Memoria’s Latin course sequence in the coming years.


All students will need the Student Text and the Student Workbook for Second Form Latin.

It is strongly suggested that students also have the following supplies:

  • 180 index cards and a way to store them
  • Colored pencils or markers (not permanent)
  • A 1” three-ring binder with five tab dividers

Page Image (c) 2015 Grace Hughbanks: A memorial for a Roman soldier at the Roemisch-Germanisches Musuem, Koeln, Germany.