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Medieval History

Offered 2020-2021!

  • Time: Thursdays, 12:30-1:45 pm
  • Tuition: $50/month (10 months, August-May)
  • Location: Signal Mountain, Tennessee OR online
  • Credit: 1 history credit
  • Grades: 9-12 AND middle school strong readers
  • One-to-one Tutorials: Students will also have opportunities for one-to-one tutorials to discuss with the tutor how they can improve their written work.
  • Required Texts: (Hard copies are required; recommended editions/translations are listed below)
    • Gwynne’s Grammar (ISBN: 9781984897961)
    • Boethius — The Consolation of Philosophy (Recommended: Goins translation/Ignatius, ISBN: 9781586174378)
    • Geoffrey of Monmouth — History of the Kings of Britain (Recommended: Thorpe translation/Penguin, ISBN: 9780140441703)
    • Einhard — Life of Charlemagne (Recommended: Ganz translation/Penguin, ISBN: 9780140455052)
    • Asser — Life of Alfred the Great (Recommended: Keynes translation/Penguin, ISBN: 9780140444094)
    • Joinville and Villehardouin — Chronicles of the Crusades (Recommended: Smith translation/Penguin, ISBN: 9780140449983)
    • Aquinas — On Law, Morality, and Politics (Recommended: Regan, 2nd ed./Hackett, ISBN: 9780872206632)
    • Froissart — Chronicles (Recommended: Brereton translation/Penguin, ISBN: 9780140442007)
    • Vasari — Lives of the Artists (Recommended: Modern Library edition, ISBN: 9780375760365)
    • Machiavelli — The Prince (Recommended: Penguin edition, ISBN: 9780140449150)

Students learn about the significance of medieval and renaissance culture. In addition to study of the histories, governments, economics, wars, arts, and customs of medieval and renaissance Christendom, the course examines how these eras shaped the United States and its Constitution.

Assessment. Each semester, students write one essay using classical essay structure, write one research paper, and take two exams. At the conclusion of each semester, all students participate in Defense Day by giving a brief presentation on a topic of their choice from the course and responding to questions.

You can pair this course with Medieval Literature!

You can add Academic Writing to this course!

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