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United States History

Through this two-semester, one-credit course for high school, students will learn about the significance of the United States. The course will begin with an extensive study of the nation’s colonial era and its growth from the Western Heritage that laid a solid foundation for the new republic. The remainder of the course will show the strengths and struggles of the nation and the more recent departure from the nation’s foundation of liberty, as ideological and political movements of the late-nineteenth and the twentieth centuries led the nation to abandon the Constitution.

Students will concentrate on the ideas that were the founding of the United States and that have shaped the nation into what it has become today.

Assessment. Students take two exams each semester. Participation – requiring careful reading of the assigned material – is graded. Short writing assignments are also assigned. At the conclusion of each semester, students participate in Defense Day by giving a brief presentation on a topic of their choice from the course and responding to questions. Students also gain familiarity with United States geography.

You can pair this course with Writing: American Literature!


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