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Ancient Literature

Offered 2019-2020!

This two-semester, one-credit course develops high school students’ skills in essay writing. All writing assignments are based on great works of literature. Students should expect to plan, draft, or revise part of an essay each week in addition to reading. At the conclusion of each semester, students will give a brief presentation on one of their essays for Defense Day.

You can pair this course with Ancient History!

REQUIRED TEXTS – Any edition/translation may be used, but hard copies are required.

  • Homer—Iliad (Recommended: Lattimore translation, ISBN: 9780226470498)
  • Homer—Odyssey (Recommended: Lattimore translation, ISBN: 9780061244186)
  • Aeschylus—The Oresteia (Recommended: Lattimore/Grene translation, ISBN: 9780226311470)
  • Sophocles—Three Theban Plays (Recommended: Fagles translation, ISBN: 9780140444254)
  • Euripides—Medea and Other Plays (Recommended: Velacott translation, ISBN: 9780140441291)
  • Virgil—Aeneid (Recommended: Ahl translation, ISBN: 9780199231959)
  • Augustine—Confessions (Recommended: Boulding translation/Ignatius, ISBN: 9781586176839)

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Image: (c) 2015 Grace Hughbanks – Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, Rome, Italy