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Ancient History

Offered 2019-2020!

Through this two-semester, one-credit course for high school, students will learn about the significance of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. After a study of the histories, governments, wars, arts, and customs of these two civilizations, the course will examine how these cultures influenced western civilization – particularly how they have shaped the United States.

Assessment. Students take two exams per semester. Participation – requiring careful reading of the assigned material – is graded. Short writing assignments are also given. At the conclusion of each semester, students participate in Defense Day by giving a brief presentation on a topic of their choice from the course and responding to questions.

You can pair this course with Writing: Ancient Literature!

REQUIRED TEXTS – Any edition/translation may be used, but hard copies are required.

  • Herodotus – Histories (Recommended: Strassler’s Landmark edition, ISBN: 9780375421099)
  • Thucydides – History of the Peloponnesian War (Recommended: Strassler’s Landmark edition, ISBN: 9780684827902)
  • Plato – Dialogues of Socrates (Recommended: Grube translation/Hackett Classics, ISBN: 9780872206335)
  • Plutarch – Lives, Volume 1 (Recommended: Dryden translation/Modern Library, ISBN: 9780375756764)
  • Plutarch – Lives, Volume 2 (Recommended: Dryden translation/Modern Library, ISBN: 9780375756771)
  • Livy – The Rise of Rome (Recommended: Luce translation/Oxford, ISBN: 9780199540044)
  • Tacitus – Annals of Imperial Rome (Recommended: Grant translation/Penguin, ISBN: 9780140440607)
  • Augustine – City of God (Recommended: Bourke edition/Image Classics, ISBN: 9780385029100)

Page Image (c) 2018 Grace Hughbanks – The Parthenon, Athens, Greece