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Based in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, Scriptorium offers in-depth middle and high school courses in the liberal arts: history, literature, fine arts, Latin, government and economics, and – most importantly – writing. Scriptorium offers a unique combination of services including:

  • AN EMPHASIS ON STRENGTHENING WRITING SKILLS – With Scriptorium’s most valuable service, students receive in-depth, personalized feedback on all written work.
  • GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Scriptorium students study, discuss, and debate the best original source documents and literature. At the end of each semester, students publicly defend their work before an audience of fellow-students, family, and friends. Scriptorium aims to encourage and strengthen the skills of all students, regardless of ability.
  • A FOCUS ON TRUTH, BEAUTY, WISDOM, AND VIRTUE – Knowing the truth, valuing beauty, growing in wisdom, and upholding virtue are the ultimate goals of every Scriptorium course.
  • THE HONORS PROGRAM – The Honors Program encourages further academic achievement by promoting students’ understanding of the Greek and Roman classics and their relevance for modern society.
  • PRIZES AND THE HOUSE SYSTEM – Each semester, prizes are awarded for excellence in writing and for other student achievements. Scriptorium’s house system encourages fellowship and healthy competition between classes.



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