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Scriptorium Tutoring

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Scriptorium cultivates skilled thinkers and writers through contemplative courses in the liberal arts. Based in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, Scriptorium offers in-depth middle and high school courses in history, literature, fine arts, government and economics, and – most importantly – writing. Scriptorium offers a unique combination of services including:

  • AN EMPHASIS ON STRENGTHENING WRITING SKILLS – With Scriptorium’s most valuable service, students receive in-depth, personalized feedback on written work.
  • GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Scriptorium students study, discuss, and debate the best original source documents and literature. At the end of each semester, students publicly defend their work before an audience of fellow-students, family, and friends. Scriptorium aims to encourage and strengthen the skills of all students, regardless of ability.
  • A FOCUS ON TRUTH, BEAUTY, WISDOM, VIRTUE & LIBERTY – Understanding the truth, valuing beauty, growing in wisdom, and upholding virtue and liberty are the ultimate goals of every Scriptorium course.
  • THE HONORS PROGRAM – The Honors Program encourages further academic achievement by promoting students’ understanding of the Greek and Roman classics and their relevance for modern society.
  • PRIZES & THE HOUSE SYSTEM – Each semester, prizes are awarded for excellence in writing and for other student achievements. Scriptorium’s house system encourages fellowship and healthy competition between classes.
  • SMALL CLASS SIZES & ONLINE OPTIONS – Class sizes are kept small to allow for greater student participation and more individualized instruction. Courses are available live online so that students can participate even if they are unable to attend class in person.




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